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Compliance Assured

We manufacture all hose assemblies to the highest possible standards in accordance with P.E.D. 97/23/EC. Offshore rig supply hose assemblies are approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Arco Hose hold BS EN ISO 9001/14000 & 18000 quality assurance approvals and we also implement best practice in hose assembly from NAHAD ensuring safer, higher quality, more reliable hose assemblies.

Our Expertise in all Industries Enable us to Manufacture to Compliant Standard

A Full Management Service for Quality & Accountability

Hose management is a growing business here at Arco Hose. Increasing numbers of end-users take advantage of this facility which ensures that all hoses on site are regularly checked to ensure that they are safe to use and fit for service.

Consistent Quality & Accountability

We will proof pressure test your hose assemblies. We then give the hose assembly a unique traceable number which is permanently attached to the hose using one of a number of proven methods. The hose I.D. is then recorded in a dedicated register for full traceability.

Hose Management, What Our Service Offers You

  • Proof pressure test to 5000 psi
  • Numerous tagging and identification options available
  • Custom specifications on hose & fittings catered for
  • Dedicated hose register for each customer designed to your requirements
  • We will work with your maintenance planning team on re-testing schedules
  • On-site collection and return of hoses
  • ISO9001 approved system

Total Facilitation

Following many years of practical experience working with manufacturers and clients, we have established a comprehensive number of attachment solutions for all industrial hose applications. Whatever the solution, the primary objective will be SAFETY, with the prescribed method of attachment also offering optimum PERFORMANCE and PRACTICALITY in use.

A Dedicated Facility

  • Our dedicated on-site facility enables us to offer a comprehensive selection of hose testing and assembly solutions including:
  • External swaging from 6mm to 203mm
  • Internal swaging 25mm-305mm
  • Composite swaging
  • BAND-IT¨ Ultralok tool
  • BAND-IT¨ air powered tool
  • Constant torque clamping systems
  • Haskel digital pressure testing cabinet
  • Large bore hydrostatic rubber hose
  • Test rig
  • Nitrogen testing
  • Composite & Fire hose hydrostatic test
  • Hose Management Services


Large bore swaging

Large Bore Swaging

Recent investment at Arco Hose means that we can now externally swage rubber, PVC and composite hose from 6mm to 203mm (8”) in diameter. This process enables us to offer a much stronger and therefore safer, method of attachment when securing products such as Bauer or Leverlock couplings into hard walled rubber suction hoses.

This ultimately means the assembly is capable of higher working pressures, and catastrophic coupling failure is significantly reduced when compared to traditional methods such as stainless steel straps or bolted clamps. It also aids site safety and manual handling, by having a nearly smooth swage ring, rather than bulky clamps.

External swaging

External Swaging

Secure Attachments
This process involves compressing an external swage ferrule into the outer cover of the hose, thereby trapping the hose between the internal hose-tail and external ferrule effecting a very secure and tamper-proof attachment.

Innovative Processes
Using the same principles as hydraulic swaging, we have developed specific swage ferrules that are suitable for softer walled industrial rubber hose, ensuring the ultimate in coupling security without the fear of damage to the hose or fitting.

Internal swaging

Internal Swaging

Specifically Designed Attachments
Internal swaging differs in that an internal ‘dolly’ is forced through the internal bore of the hose, expanding a specially designed hose tail-piece and forcing it into the rubber liner of the hose.

Clean, Safe & Protective
This process produces a perfectly smooth bore, with no internal restrictions making it the perfect method for hygiene critical applications, abrasive media, delicate products and applications where optimum flow and integrity are paramount e.g. offshore applications.

At Arco Hose we can offer this service on selected hose and fittings from 25mm (1") to 305mm (12") nominal bore

Workroom activities

BAND-IT the clamping experts

BAND-IT¨ Clamping Systems

BAND-IT¨ are the World leaders in quality engineered band clamping systems. BAND-IT¨ is a specialist manufacturer of a wide array of predominantly stainless steel clamping I.D. systems that are in use worldwide, in virtually every industrial segment.

Jr Stainless Steel Smooth I.D. Clamps Secure and Tamper-proof

Available in a wide variety of widths, sizes and materials, they provide a uniform clamping surface that prevents leak paths on modern rubber and thermoplastic hoses. The low profile buckle reduces the risk of snags when dragging the hose.

Tried & Tested

Pressure testing is our guarantee that the hose assembly has complete integrity and will be safe to use in its intended application. At Arco Hose we have a range of fixed and portable hydrostatic testing equipment that enable us to proof pressure test in accordance with ISO 1402. Please talk to us about your individual test requirements.

Digital Pressure Tests

Our state of the art digital pressure test cabinet enables hoses to be taken to pressure very quickly and safely, maintaining efficiency and ensuring the assembly experiences no loss in pressure.

Large Bore Testing

We can offer testing to 12”(305mm bore) and pressures up-to 300bar.

Our friendly staff are trained to support you in making the correct decision on the most appropriate method of attachment for your application.

Super Clamps

Super Clamps

Good quality bolted clamps that offer an alternative and reusable option to BAND-IT¨ and swaging. Suitable for most rubber and PVC soft and hard wall hoses.

HI-Torque Clips

Hi-Torque Clips

These clips offer twice the tightening torque of standard worm drive clips and offer greater band tension on hoses used for higher pressures and those with wire reinforcement.

DIN Clamps

DIN Clamps

These are robust aluminium clamps that work extremely well with smooth tail couplings which are recommended for certain food and chemical hose assemblies.

Worm Drive Clips

Worm Drive Clips

Suitable for quick and easy low pressure securing on non-critical applications.

O Clips


Traditional method of securing welding hose fittings.

Malleable Iron Clamps

Malleable Iron Clamps

Traditional heavy duty bolted clamp that offers on-site flexibility for hard and soft wall hoses.

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