Frequently asked questions

For easy ordering please specify the following when ordering your hose or simply ask Arco Hose for advice.

S Size - Hose diameter and length

T Operating Temperature

A Application - What the hose will be used for

M Material - What's going through the hose

P Pressure - Recommended ratings, positive pressure or vacuum



  • What is the inside diameter (I.D. or bore) of the hose/ducting?
  • The outside diameter is also important for sizing clamps/clips.
  • What is the length of hose required?
  • Is this the overall length including fittings?


  • What is the temperature of the product to be conveyed?
  • What is the surrounding temperature of the application?
  • Are there likely to be any cycles in temperature, if so what are the extremes?

Extreme cold can be just as damaging to hoses as extreme heat, so consider minus temperatures carefully on exposed and certain external applications.


  • What is the hose/ducting going to be used for - what is it going to do?
  • Is the application dynamic or static?
  • Will the hose be used in a vertical or horizontal position?
  • Is the hose likely to be subject to external abrasion?
  • Will there be any flexing?
  • Is the hose going to be handled on a regular basis?
  • Is the application internal or external? (Consider UV and ozone attack on hoses used and stored permanently outside.)
  • Will the hose be used continuously or for intermittent use only?

Media (Conveyant)

  • What is going through the hose, liquid, gas or solid?
  • If it’s a chemical, what is the concentration?
  • Is an MSDS sheet available?
  • If it’s a solid what is the type and size of the product?
  • Special requirements - does the hose need to be non-toxic?

Is the conveyant flammable or likely to create a static charge? If yes, consider anti-static or fully conductive assemblies.


  • Is the hose to be used on positive or negative (suction) pressure?
  • What is the maximum working pressure of the application? - BAR, PSI, MPA.
  • What is the maximum vacuum rating of the pump-mm/hg, negative bar, ft/water?
  • Will there be any surges of pressure or vacuum?


  • What will the hose be attached to in application?
  • Are existing couplings suitable for the application?
  • How are the fittings secured into the hose?

Testing & Certification

  • What is the required test pressure? (Normally 1.5x working pressure, 5x working pressure for steam hoses)
  • How many hoses require testing? (Eg. 100% individual test or 1:10, 1:50 etc.)
  • What is the preferred method of identification?
  • Are there any special requirements? Colour coding sleeves/heat shrink sleeves etc.
  • Is there an existing hose register/hose identification number to follow?

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