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Steam Hose

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Steam Safety Message

Handling steam is a very hazardous process. Using care and some safety precautions can minimize or eliminate personal or property damage.


Ensure steam hose is clearly identified as a steam hose. It should have embossed branding stating working pressure, EN specification and temperature rating

• Only use recommended steam hose couplings and clamps on the hose

• Make sure working pressure and temperature is not exceeded

• Do not allow hose to remain under pressure when not in use

• Avoid excess bending or flexing of hose near the coupling. Straight line operation is preferred. If bends are necessary as part of operation, spring guards may help


• Drain hose after each use to avoid tube damage before hose is put back in operation, to avoid "pop corning" of the tube

• Check tightness of clamp bolts after each use

• Check to see if clamp halves are touching. If they are, re-fit hose with smaller clamps to ensure proper tightness or grip around hose. If in doubt contact Arco Hose

• Periodically inspect hoses, looking for cover blisters and lumps

• Check for kinked areas that could damage hose

• Do not store hose over hooks

• Steam hose lying on metal racks or installed around steel piping will dry out the hose, causing tube and cover cracking

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