Put a STOP to Tangled Hose

Hose reels can improve any area where hoses are used. Below are three main benefits from using reels, and the pictures shown are some of the industry's hose reels can assist.

Increased Safety Hose reels can help reduce tripping accidents. Hose is stored off the floor away from any hazards.

Improved Efficiency A hose reel makes your working environment more efficient. The hose is where you want it when you need it.

Reduce Leaks When hose is laying on the floor it is susceptible to damage. When the hose is stored on reels less damage means less leakages.

Extend the life of your hose, protect them and reduce your maintenance costs

• How much time does it take to sort out tangled hose?
• Do kinks in tangled hose cut off air flow?
• Do kinks in tangled hose create cracks and leaks?
• What does it cost to wind up hose manually?
• How much time is spent searching for the proper hose?

• Is the hose on the floor making work areas a safety risk?
• Have any accidents occurred due to loose hose?
• What could happen if an air line burst?
• Do loose, tangled hoses create tripping and housekeeping problems?

• What is the cost of a typical air line leak?
• What is the total cost to replace a hose including hose cost, labour, and downtime?
• Does the loss of air pressure resulting from air leaks prevent tools from operating at peak performance?

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