Safe and Sound

This section offers products that provide safety as paramount. Our range of fire fighting and water supply hoses offer the most suitable product range, all tried and tested in the most hostile environments.

Fire Hose Methods of Attachment...

Following many years of practical experience working with manufacturers and our customers, Arco Hose have established a number of attachment solutions for all applications.

External Swaging

This process involves compressing an external swage ferrule into the outer cover of the hose, thereby trapping the hose between the internal hose-tail and external ferrule effecting a very secure and tamper-proof attachment.

Using the same principles as hydraulic swaging, Arco Hose have developed specific swage ferrules that are suitable for softer walled industrial rubber hose, ensuring the ultimate in coupling security without the fear of damage to the hose or fitting.

Arco Hose have the facility to swage both hard and soft wall rubber hoses from 6mm ID through to 305mm

Jr Stainless Steel Smooth I.D. Clamps

Available in a wide variety of widths, sizes and materials that provide a uniform clamping surface that prevents leak paths on modern rubber and thermoplastic hoses, while the low profile buckle reduces the risk of snags when dragging the hose.


Ultra-Lok is the ultimate band clamping system. Manufactured from Type 201 hard stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance.

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