Expert Industry Knowledge

Arco Hose are a key supplier to the UK refineries and chemical sites, we have a long history of undertaking the varied demands of these industries and supplying on time solutions. Our expertise in this industry sector goes from utility hoses used to convey air and steam, to high specification hoses needed to convey specific aggressive chemicals. We also show a range of dry-disconnect couplings that are becoming increasingly necessary where product spillage is an unacceptable risk.

Arco Hose, Hose Management Service

• Fully compliant air, water, nitrogen and steam hose assemblies

• Stainless steel metallic, PTFE lined and hydrocarbon drain hoses

• Proof pressure test to 5000psi

• Recorder chart test certificates available

• Numerous tagging and identification options available

• Custom specifications on hose & fittings catered for

• Dedicated hose register for each customer designed to your requirements

• Arco Hose will work with your maintenance planning team on re-testing schedules

• On-site collection and return of hoses

• ISO9001 approved system

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